Yo, I wanna VOLUNTEER!

We are committed to lowering the barriers to living good lives. Sometimes that's in small ways and other times it's in big ways.

We know this weekend isn't cheap for some, so we want to offer people that have been impactful in the CS community a way to offset some of the cost of their ticket through volunteering.

If you're down to volunteer during the ChaseCamp weekend for a discount ticket price ($385+tax), throw your name down and we will choose at random from the list when we've figured out how many volunteer opportunities we have and what the roles are!

If you have already bought a ticket (or are going to), but are also interested in volunteering, know that grabbing your ticket before we announce volunteers won't affect your chance to volunteer. We will simply refund you the difference of your ticket.

PS. Please do not share this.

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I am available June 8th to 10th and down to volunteer at ChaseCamp! *